1921 – 2021

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#01 | “The World Through His Eyes”

PANEL 1: “The World Through His Eyes”

Photo, May 1901. Fr. Paul Albera in Meruri, Mato Grosso (Brazil).

Fr. Albera’s Story

Fr. Paul Albera was among the Salesians “of the first hour” who was privileged to witness Don Bosco in action. He breathed the family spirit of Valdocco and, with Fr. Michael Rua and other Salesians, brought it to Mirabello, the first salesian work outside of  Valdocco.

Fr. Albera witnessed the expansion of the Salesian work beyond Piedmont, first in Liguria and then in France. He would became the Spiritual Director of the Congregation and eventually the second successor of Don Bosco as Rector Major of the Salesians.

“Don Bosco had to choose one of his boy to come to the prie-dieu as if to make his confession. He looked around and with a smile said, «Paul, come here and kneel down. Lean your forehead against mine, so that we keep each other from moving!”

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