1900 – 1903


#15 | Visit to the Americas

PANEL 15: Visit to the Americas

Photo of the Immaculate Conception Procession in Boca (1900) and the city today.

Fr. Albera’s Story

Letter from Fr. Paul Albera to Fr. Giulio Barberis during his visit to the houses in Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 14, 1900.

Dearest Fr. Barberis, Although dear Fr. Gusmano has already written to you on several occasions, I wanted to write you a few lines myself. I will never forget the kind affection you showed me in the last months we spent together in Turin, especially on the occasion of my departure. For all of this, I wish to exress my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. We arrived in America after a most enjoyable journey. The Lord protected us in every possible way. We were welcomed so graciously that we could not have wished for anything more. And all of this because we are sons of Don Bosco. Even if there were no other more serious reasons, this alone would suffice to make us ever more grateful for our vocation. Both in Montevideo and here in Buenos Aires we have seen extraordinary things. What Providence has done through our humble Congregation is incredible. I am taking in all that I see and hear, while reserving my humble observations for a later date… I would certainly make a fool of myself if I presumed to be here as a reformer. I believe my task is simply to ponder with my own eyes all the good that is being done and to offer encouragement to keep doing so well in the future…

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