1911 – 1915


#19 | Canonical Visitation

PANEL 19: Canonical Visitation

Photos 1 & 2: 1913, Huesca and Vigo, Spain.

Photo 3: Fr. Paul Albera in Randazzo, Sicily, June 1914.

Fr. Albera’s Story

1914: Italy (Palermo, Marsala, Messina, Alì, Catania, Pedara, Bronte, Taormina, Randazzo, Modica, Caltagirone) and Malta.

1915: Italy (Lanzo Torinese, Castelnuovo d’Asti, Vercelli, Novara, Foglizzo Canavese, Lombriasco, Biella, Perosa Argentina, Trino Vercellese, Alessandria, Martinetto (Turin), Maroggia, Lugano, Milan, Mogliano, Venice).

During World War I, Fr. Albera suspended his canonical visits.

At 5 o’clock we arrived in Vigo and were accorded a triumphant welcome: a large number of gentlemen and authorities, including the Military Governor General and the Commander of the Marina District, was waiting for Fr. Albera inside the train station, and outside there was an immense multitude of people, while from the balconies of the houses people waved their greetings to the Superior General of the Salesians. Fr. Albera, sitting with the Mayor and the Military Governor in the official carriage, escorted by our athletes on bicycles, and followed by a long line of cars and carriages, proceeded to the Salesian house, where he was welcomed by the enthusiastic applause of young people gathered in the large courtyard filled with flags.

At the train station in Passopisciaro, a number of distinguished personalities from Randazzo boarded our wagon, among them Barrister Gualtiero Fisauli, Provincial Deputy, Baron Gregorio Fisauli, President of the Congregation of Charity, and the Hon. Giuseppe Vagliasindi, President of the Kindergarten. When we entered the station, the city band struck up a march, and along with canon shots and fireworks and the festive waving of flags and white handkerchiefs, a roar of cheers went up from the immense multitude that had surrounded the station, eager to welcome Don Bosco’s Successor.

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