1892 – 1910


#10 | Spiritual Director of the Salesian Congregation

PANEL 10: Spiritual Director of the Salesian Congregation

Photo, Salesian General Chapter, 1892.

Fr. Albera’s Story

From the RULES & CONSTITUTIONS OF THE SOCIETY OF ST FRANCIS OF SALES, according to the Decree of Approval, April 3, 1874, Chap. IX.

On the Role of the Other Superiors:

… The spiritual director will give particular attention to the novices. Together with the novice master, his first priority is to make them know and practice the spirit of charity and zeal that must animate anyone who wishes to dedicate his life entirely to the good of souls. It is also the duty of the spiritual director to respectfully admonish the Rector, should he perceive in him some notable negligence in practicing and enforcing the rules of the Congregation…

August 29, 1891: Albera is appointed General Spiritual Director of the Salesian Congregation, replacing Don Bonetti, of happy memory.

September 1892: Albera moves to Turin to devote himself to the formation of young confreres through conferences, spiritual exercises and personal colloquies.

October 12, 1893: Albera leaves for London, with Msgr. John Cagliero, and Frs. Michael Rua and Julio Barberis, to attend the consecration of the Church of the Sacred Heart. In London, perhaps due to an accident that interrupted his train journey, he records in his diary: “I need to learn English…”

February-March 1895: Albera accompanies Fr. Rua on pilgrim to the Holy Land.

April 23-25, 1895: Albera partipates in the Cooperators’ Congress in Bologna.

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