1915 – 1918


#22 | Fr. Albera and Bishop Cagliero

PANEL 22: Fr. Albera and Bishop Cagliero

Photo 1: Bishop John Cagliero and Fr. Peter Ricaldone at Fr. Albera’s 50th priestly anniversary celebration in 1918. Guests included a very large group of Salesians and other religious, members of the royal house of Savoy, thirteen bishops and the Consuls of Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

Photo 2: poster promoting the celebration

Fr. Albera’s Story

Fr. Albera’s relationship with Bishop Cagliero, a missionary in South America and first Salesian bishop and cardinal, was always strong and cordial.

From the spiritual diary of Fr. Albera:

December 1915:

I am about to leave for Rome where I will meet Cardinal Cagliero who will receive the sacred purple on the sixth of this month. At the moment he is still at sea. I shudder to think of all the dangers to which he will be exposed on this journey.
Virgin Mary, save your son.

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